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Hokkaido Golf & Round

Combine luxury and leisure: stay in a top hotel and play golf at Hokkaido’s best courses.

In Japan, the discomfort index from summer heat and high humidity is rising each year. For a more comfortable summer, Hokkaido is the ideal destination. Stay at a condominium hotel and enjoy local food, walks, drives, and the local lifestyle. It's also a perfect place for golf enthusiasts.

Rusutsu boasts four courses with 72 holes, the largest in Hokkaido. Furano offers 36 holes designed by Arnold Palmer, while Niseko has several great courses known for their stunning views and easy access from Sapporo, making it a popular golf spot.

Each area features excellent condominium hotels, perfect for those who want to enjoy golf without compromising on accommodation.


Supervised by professional golfer Jumbo Ozaki, Rusutsu Resort Golf 72 offers breathtaking views of Hokkaido's iconic birch forests. This location features four courses, making it the largest of its kind in Hokkaido, with a total of 72 holes and a 9-hole night course. Each course has its own unique style, allowing you to fully experience the joy of golfing amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

Course name Number of holes Par Distance Course elevation DIfference
Izumikawa Course 18 72 5,943Y Flat
Tower Course 18 72 6,672Y Moderate ups and downs
Wood Course 18 72 6,817Y Moderate ups and downs
River Course 18 72 5,686Y Moderate ups and downs
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The area features three major golf courses, each offering a unique experience. The Niseko Golf Course, designed by Arnold Palmer, is an all-self-play course surrounded by white birch and pine trees. The Hanazono Golf Course boasts diverse scenery and varied terrain, while the Niseko Village Course is set amidst vast forests and flat landscapes. Some courses feature renowned holes with exhilarating tee shots aimed at Mt. Yotei, the iconic peak of the Niseko area, ensuring an engaging experience for players until the last hole.

Course Name Numer of Holes Par Distance Course Elevation Difference
Niseko Village Golf Course 18 73 6,845Y Flat
HANAZONO Golf 18 72 7,003Y Moderate ups and downs
Niseko Golf Course 18 72 6,805Y Moderate ups and downs
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This expansive 36-hole golf course, designed by Arnold Palmer, features two distinct experiences. The Palmer Course is long and challenging, while the King Course is relatively short with pleasant ups and downs. Both courses are set in classic Hokkaido landscapes, offering an open and relaxed atmosphere for an enjoyable golfing experience

Course Name Number of holes Distance Par Course Elevation Difference
Furano Golf Course 36 13,830Y 144 Moderate ups and downs
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