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2023 Shakotan Fire Festival

2023 Summer & Autumn Festivals

Embrace the summer vibes as the sensational Shakotan Fire Matsuri set the stage ablaze this week. With its electrifying energy, this festival marks the official commencement of the summer spirit.

But hold on tight, because the excitement doesn't stop there. Niseko, Rusutsu and Furano are home to some of the best cultural festivals in summer and autumn. We've curated a handpicked selection of the absolute best festivals in 2023 for you to savor. Mark the dates in your calendar, secure your accommodation, and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of celebration! See you there!


Niko Niko Summer Festival

  • When: SAT 15 July 2pm - 9pm & SUN 16 July 11am - 9pm.
  • Where: Niseko Village.
  • What to see & do: After a three-year gap, Niko Niko Summer Festival is making a grand comeback. This two-day festival will feature a delightful fusion of food stalls, food trucks, a Music and Art festival, and spectacular fireworks display to light up the night.

Jaga Matsuri (Kutchan Potato Festival)

  • When: SAT 5 & SUN 6 August 10am - 8pm.
  • Where: Kutchan Ekimae Avenue.
  • What to see & do: Get ready to celebrate the 61st Jaga Matsuri! Returning to its usual venue at Ekimae Avenue, this year's event promises two days filled with fun activities, mouthwatering food, and captivating cultural experiences. Don't miss out on the parade of Nebuta lantern floats, the Taiko drumming, enchanting traditional dances (with 1,000 people joining), exciting games (with the chance to win renowned Kutchan potatoes), dazzling fireworks, and music. It's an event you won't want to miss!

Photo Credit: Kutchan Town

Niseko Town Tanabata Fireworks

  • When: SAT 5 August 2pm - 9pm. Fireworks start from 8:00pm for 15-20 minutes.
  • Where: Niseko Cho Undo Park, Niseko.
  • What to see & do: Considered to be one of the best fireworks events in this area. This year you can expect to see impressive & colorful fireworks lighten up in the sky. In addition to the grand fireworks, kids can also enjoy lighting up mini fireworks and lots of fun games! And of course, there will be many local food stalls there.

Photo Credit: Niseko Photography

Niseko Town Tanabata Firework 1

Hirafu Festival

  • When: FRI 18 & SAT 19 August 12pm - 9pm.
  • Where: Sun sportsland, Hirafu – Next to Intuition Niseko (adjacent The Vale Niseko).
  • What to see & do: Loved by the locals and gaining popularity among travelers, this event spans two days packed with a wide range of activities to delight both kids and adults. Indulge in the flavors of local cuisine and savor the freshness of produce straight from local farms. Enjoy the lively atmosphere with live music by local schools and exciting performances. Don’t miss out Mochi Maki, where you might uncover a fantastic surprise hidden within the rice cakes (usually happen in the evening). The highlight of it all will be the fireworks accompanied by the beats of Taiko drumming on 19 August from 8:20 pm to 9 pm.

Want to enjoy most of the event or watch the fireworks from your room? Book your stay at Intuition Niseko, The Vale Niseko or Snow Crystal, located just steps away from the event!

Photo Credit: Glenn Claydon

Hirafu Matsuri 1

Short drive from Niseko

Shakotan Fire Festival

  • When: TUE 4 - THU 6 July. The firewalking starts around 8pm.
  • Where: Bikuni Shrine.
  • What to see & do: Experience the enchantment of the Shakotan Fire Matsuri, an event adored by locals and visitors from neighboring towns. This hidden gem of a festival takes place at the Bikuni Shrine, where the night truly comes alive. Witness the spectacle of a performer embodying a tengu, a Japanese mountain spirit, and Mikoshi portable shrines firewalking.
2023 Shakotan Fire Festival

Iwanai Shrine Annual Festival

  • When: FRI 7 July 7pm, SAT 8 July 8am - 4:30pm & SUN 9 July 8:30 am - 9pm.
  • Where: Iwanai town. Check route map and full schedule HERE.
  • What to see & do: Experience the 200-year-old Iwanai Shrine Annual Festival. Enjoy the Yoimiya Festival with taiyamagura performances and mochi-maki on 7 July. Followed by processions of portable shrines and the Akasaka yakko which will parade through the town on 8 & 9 July. Witness a stunning sea parade on 9 July with fishing boats and the mikoshi. Explore more than 100 stalls along the shrine street, offering attractions like goldfish scooping & food.

Photo Credit: Iwanai Shrine

Lake Toya Fireworks

  • When: Take place every day from 8:45pm to 9:05pm throughout the entire summer and autumn season, from April until 31 October.
  • Where: Fireworks can be viewed around the lake, with the recommended viewing spot near the Toyako Visitor Center.


Summer Vacation Special Fireworks Festival

  • When: SAT 22 July, SAT 29 July, SAT 5 August, FRI 11 to MON 14 August, SAT 19 August. 8 - 8:10pm.
  • Where: Rusutsu Resort.
  • What to see & do: Fantastic collaboration of fireworks, lights and music is happening each week at Rusutsu Resort to celebrate summer vacation time! There will be 1,200 fireworks each night, but the content of the show will be different! Accommodation or amusement park ticket is required to enter the Rusutsu Resort to view the fireworks.

Why don’t you visit Rusutsu Resort during this period and get to watch the fireworks while enjoying other summer activities the resort has to offer for a whole family - Amusement Park, indoor wave pool, golf, natural onsen, sheep land, full range of dining options and more. If you love to stay in your private apartment with spacious living area & kitchen, The Vale Rusutsu will be your dream summer accommodation.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu By Rusutsu Resort Other Activities 24


Furano Belly Button Festival

  • When: FRI 28 July 12:30pm - 9pm & SAT 29 July 10am - 9pm.
  • Where: Around JR Furano Station, check out map HERE.
  • What to see & do: Hokkaido Belly Button Dance (Heso Odori) has begun since 1969 and this year will be the 55th! The Belly Button Dance will happen on both days of the event from 7pm to 8pm, but there are lots more happening during these 2 days; performance by local schools, Taiko drumming, Calligraphy performance, Ainu Culture Experience and much more. Check out full details HERE.

Photo Credit:

Furano Wine Festival

  • When: SUN 3 September 10:00am - 3pm.
  • Where: Furano Wine Factory.
  • What to see & do: Tasting the world-famous Furano wine and tasty grape juice made from local ingredients, and explore many more menu of tantalizing delights.

Furano Cheese Festival

  • When: SUN 10 September 10:00am - 3pm.
  • Where: Furano Cheese Factory.
  • What to see & do: Experience the diverse flavors of Furano's finest dairy products. Delight your taste buds with a wide array of treats crafted from Furano cheese, milk, and butter.

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Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

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