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Is this Japan's snowiest ski resort?

Unknown to most, this virtual snow globe exists halfway between Sapporo and Niseko and is arguably Japan's snowiest resort.

With average annual snow fall of 21 metres there is hardly a day it doesn’t snow over at Kiroro!

Located in Hokkaido the resort's combination of high precipitation and location close to the Japan Sea means Kiroro is also one of the first resorts to open - often in mid-late November.

For those worried about skiing condition and staying warm - while Kiroro is often cold and sometimes windy it's chairlifts/gondolas are covered and rarely close due to their use of wind barriers and location in gullies.

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The perfect combination of geography and precipitation meet at this Resort

Facilities (including rare clothed onsen!)

Hotel and Day Trip guests have access to Kiroro Town’s Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and outdoor mixed onsen (clothed) and with 16 dining options including the Ice Star Restaurant there’s plenty to get excited about. Kiroro is also a specialist for conferences/events with winter weddings being held at Kiroro Chapel.

Getting to/from Kiroro

With Michelin Star restaurants, ever-increasing shops and dining options and more activities popping up each year Niseko is the perfect base for a day trip (or three) to Kiroro. Otherwise Kiroro is not far from Sapporo and Otaru if you cross the nearby mountain range.

  • 90 mins Airport – Kiroro
  • 60 mins Sapporo - Kiroro
  • 45 mins Niseko – Kiroro
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An ice bar and restaurant at Kiroro Resort, Japan

On Snow Activities

  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cat tour
  • Winter Segway
  • Snow Rafting
  • Ice Skating
  • Back country skiing
  • Horse riding

Off Snow Activities

  • Music Box Decorating
  • Glass and/ or Ceramic Decorating
  • Candle Making/ and Snow Candle Experience
  • Grandship (activity/amusement park for children) Games, Rock climbing
  • Table Tennis
  • Selection of Hot Springs (including YU Kiroro’s Private Onsen experience)
  • Gym facilities
  • Karaoke

If that isn’t enough the popular portside town of Otaru is 40 mins by car and Sapporo City less than one hour. Otaru is a popular tourist destination for its selection of seafood, canals, music box museum and glass making exhibits, sake factory, shopping and cultural activities (temples and the Herring Mansion).

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Kiroro is popular with families as well as powder hounds

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