Furano Yuiga Doxon 11

Yuiga Doxon

Yuiga Doxon
  • Address: 11-8 Hinodemachi, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0025
  • Telephone: 0167-23-4784

Located in the heart of Furano town, Yuiga Doxon are an established Furano curry restaurant that specialises in using local ingredients. Their meals will be sure to leave you satisfied, with an array of curry and rice dishes to choose from. The delightful wooden architecture of the building creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, typical of the Furano region of Hokkaido. The staff are also extremely kind and excited to share their lovely food with all visitors.

The curry's are made in-house, with a wide range of different meats to choose from. Smoked sausages, chicken, beef and venison are among some of the options to enjoy with the local curry, with a plethora of toppings available to add to your meal. Pair your dish with a glass of local wine, or a selection of beers, pale ales and dark beers. They also make an excellent selection of mouth-watering deserts.

If you wish for more curry sauce to finish your meal, all you have to do is head to the counter and say "Ru Ru Ru Ru", and the friendly staff will kindly serve you another helping.

This restaurant only accepts walk-in customers, no reservation needed.