A true powder lover’s paradise, Furano City is nestled in the center of Hokkaido. With easy access to the endless backcountry terrain in Daisetsuzan National Park, and the groomed trails of Furano Resort, Sahoro Resort, and Tomamu Resort, the Furano area has long been famous amongst skiers and snowboarders. The area is also a popular onsen destination, with many guests coming to enjoy the plentiful natural hot springs. Year after year of reliable powder snow 

In summer, Furano’s majestic lavender fields attract guests from all over Japan. Guests can also enjoy the famous Biei Blue Pond, museums, hiking, cycling, rafting, and golf. Since Furano is located in the heart of Hokkaido’s farming country, guests can enjoy Hokkaido’s best fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Winter or summer, Furano has endless activities for any traveler! 





Nestled in the heart of central Hokkaido, Furano is still easy to get to!  The nearest international airport is Asahikawa Airport, but many guests also travel to Furano via New Chitose International Airport in Sapporo. From these access points, travelers can drive, take a private car or a taxi, a reservations-only public bus, or a train to Fenix Furano. 

By car or taxi, the trip from Asahikawa Airport takes about 1 hour. From Sapporo, the trip takes about 2 hours on the toll roads. In winter, the trip may take longer. By train, the trip from Sapporo Station takes about 2.5 hours. 

Our Guest Services Team is delighted to assist guests in booking private transfers or seats on the public bus. However, we are unable to assist in booking seats on the train.   

Private Transfer 

For guests who want to avoid the icy roads, are traveling in a group, with extra luggage, or who just need a little extra space, NISADE’s trusted private transfer providers can provide a seamless pick-up from the airport all the way to your accommodation.   

From sedan taxis to luxury limousines, a range of vehicles, customization options, and schedules are available to suit any party. 

  • Price: from 45,000JPY from Sapporo, from 21,000JPY from Asahikawa. 
  • Travel Time: 1hr from the Asahikawa area, 2.5hrs from the Sapporo-area 
  • Options:  
    • Grocery stops 
    • English-speaking airport meet & greet 
    • Child and infant seats available depending on vehicle 


Public Bus 

Several reliable bus services run between New Chitose International Airport, Asahikawa Airport and the Furano resort area. Buses are generally scheduled around major international or connecting flights, and there are multiple runs daily. The nearest bus stop is at Hotel Bell Hills, two buildings down from Fenix Furano. 

Please note that all buses are reservation-only, and that bus timetables are usually issued in late September.   

  • Price: from 2,600JPY per adult from Asahikawa, 4,100JPY per adult from Sapporo 
  • Travel Time: 1hr door to door from Asahikawa, 3hrs from the Sapporo area. 
  • Notes:  
    • Rest stop half-way from Sapporo 
    • No child seats available 



New Chitose International Airport has a train station on the ground floor of the airport complex with a multi-lingual help desk and ticket machines in English and Japanese. The train is also easily accessible from the Sapporo and Hakodate areas, and the JR Hokkaido Rail Pass can be used on nearly all trains. 

From Sapporo, guests will need to transfer trains at Asahikawa Station. All guests must travel to Furano Station and take a taxi to Fenix Furano.  Please kindly note that no pick-ups can be arranged. 

Taxis are available outside the front entrance of Furano Station.   

  • Price: from 6,430JPY per person for the train, from 2,000JPY per taxi from Furano Station to Fenix Furano 
  • Travel Time: 3hrs door to door 
  • Notes:  



Furano has a quaint, small-town feel in a much larger urban area. In addition to the ski resort, the Kitanomine area has a small selection of restaurants and bars. More restaurants and nightlife opportunities are available down the hill in the town center or on the other side of the ski resort, all within a short taxi or bus ride from Fenix Furano. 


Please note that taxi quantities are limited, and large parties are recommended to book in advance. Please inquire with Front Desk for assistance in booking a taxi. 

  • Local Taxi Companies: 
    • Furano Taxi: +81 (0)120-71-5001 
    • FMT Traffic Taxi Furano: +81 (0)167-22-1010 
    • Chuo Hire: +81 (0)120-41-4818 
    • Nakafurano Taxi Hire: +81 (0)167-44-2331 



For guests who prefer to take the bus, several local buses circulate around the town daily and travel out to popular sightseeing sites, including the Blue Pond and the most famous lavender fields as well as provide quick and easy transport around the town. 

There are also some specialty sightseeing buses that run tours of the local specialties. In the winter, the Furano Evening Shuttle bus connects the Kitanomine area with downtown Furano for guests who might go out to dine. 

We recommend consulting with Front Desk for the latest timetable and bus stop information. 

Furano Bus System 

The Furano Tourism Association maintains a database of regular and sightseeing buses.  




Fenix Furano

Fenix Furano provides all the convenience of a ski-in ski-out location with the luxury and versatility of a purpose-designed property, featuring 62 full-service units ranging from hotel-style suites to multi-bedroom apartments and penthouses.

The Vale Niseko

With a string of awards to its name, including World’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 The Vale Niseko offers internationally renowned holiday luxury.

The Setsumon

Niseko’s luxury boutique apartments at The Setsumon offer the best of beautiful Niseko with stunning night and alpine panoramas.