New Years Day 29

Join us for New Years The Vale Niseko and The Maples

New Years Eve at NISADE

Be sure to participate in this year's New Year's Day festivities at either The Vale Niseko or The Maples Niseko. As the go-to host for the festivities, we invite guests to gather under our roof for an unforgettable night of cultural richness and joyous moments. Join us for the festivities on January 1, 2024 at one of our two properties, The Vale Niseko and The Maples Niseko!


The Vale Niseko:

  • Sake breaking and tasting: 18:00-18:30
  • Taiko Drumming Performance: 18:30-19:00

The Maples Niseko

  • Taiko Drumming Performance: 19:30-20:00

Sake breaking and tasting

Breaking a sake barrel is a traditional ceremony in Japan known as "Kagami Biraki," and it often marks the beginning of a celebration or special event. It translates to "Opening the Mirror," symbolizing the opening of a new beginning or a fresh start. The ceremony of sake breaking and tasting is a symbolic way to commence festivities, especially New Years Eve, symbolizing the opening of possibilities that lie ahead.

Taiko Drumming Performance

For those international travelers, Taiko is the art of Japanese drumming. This ceremonious activity has been vital for Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Taiko drumming is a traditional Japanese percussion art form that involves the use of large drums, called "taiko." Taiko drumming has roots in Japanese cultural and religious traditions and has evolved into a dynamic and powerful performing art.

Mochi will be offered at both locations!

Ring in the new year, where tradition meets celebration, at either The Vale or The Maples!

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