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Unwind after a long day in Niseko

With Reju Spa Niseko set to open this August and September (check their socials for details) we've put together this useful guide on the services they offer in winter (and summer!)

Located in The Vale Niseko close to Hirafu's Family Run, Reju Spa provide an unparalleled spa experience that leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Their team are committed to providing the best possible care and attention to your needs.


Reju Spa offer a wide range of services that cater to your unique needs. Their services are designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension, and enhance overall well-being. They offer these services in their state of the art facility, or in the comfort and privacy of your own room if you prefer!

  1. Massage Therapy: Services include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages. Reju's expert therapists use a variety of techniques to relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.
  2. Facial Treatments: Reju use only the best products to hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin. They offer a variety of treatments, including deep cleansing facials, anti-aging facials, and hydrating facials.
  3. Body Treatments: Body treatments include scrubs, wraps, and detoxifying treatments that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and renewed.
  4. Manicures and Pedicures: Nail services use only the best products to keep your nails healthy, strong, and beautiful.
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Facilities and Amenities

Reju Spa believes that the right environment is essential to a great spa experience. That's why they have created a space that is both luxurious and tranquil. Their facilities include:

  1. Treatment Rooms: Rooms are private, quiet, and comfortable. Each room is equipped with a massage table, fresh linens, and soothing music to help you relax.
  2. Onsen: The outdoor onsen provides the perfect setting to unwind and soak in the healing waters. Surrounded by nature, our onsen is the ultimate relaxation experience.
  3. Lounge Area: The lounge area is a cozy space where you can relax before or after your treatment. We offer complimentary tea, water, and light snacks to our guests.
  4. Retail Area: Reju Spa offers a selection of skincare products, essential oils, and other spa essentials to take home and continue your spa experience.
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Benefits of Reju Spa's treatments

  • Relaxation: The spa offers a serene and peaceful environment, where you can unwind and relax from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Detoxification: Reju Spa Niseko offers a range of detoxifying treatments, which can help eliminate toxins from your body and leave you feeling rejuvenated.
  • Improved circulation: Massage treatments at Reju Spa Niseko can help improve blood flow and circulation, leading to improved overall health.
  • Improved skin health: The spa offers a range of facials and skin treatments that can help improve the health and appearance of your skin.

To inquire about availability for a session at the Spa or to schedule an indulgent in-room massage at any NISADE Japan property in Niseko, please contact Guest Services below or call direct on 080-9325-5338.

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Blaize Kelly

Blaize is a photographer and content creator from Australia, having worked for our team during the 22/23 winter season. He has an extensive knowledge of the Niseko area, frequently visiting to enjoy the world-famous powder snow.


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