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What is Head Pilates? A Comprehensive Guide to Head and Neck Exercises

If you're looking to improve your posture, reduce pain and tension in your neck and shoulders, or enhance your overall wellness, you may have heard about Head Pilates. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the benefits of head Pilates, the types of exercises involved, and how you can take advantage of their services in the Niseko area.

What is Head Pilates?

Head Pilates is a specialized form of Pilates that focuses on the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders. While traditional Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the core and lower body, head Pilates targets the upper body, where many people hold tension and stress. By engaging these muscles and improving their strength and flexibility, head Pilates can help to reduce pain, enhance posture, and improve overall well-being.

Benefits of Head Pilates

The benefits of head Pilates are numerous, ranging from improved posture and reduced pain to enhanced concentration and relaxation. Here are some of the top benefits of incorporating head Pilates into your fitness routine:

  1. Improved Posture: By targeting the muscles in the upper body, head Pilates can help to improve posture and alignment, reducing the risk of pain and injury.

  2. Reduced Pain and Tension: Many people hold tension and stress in their neck and shoulders, leading to pain and discomfort. Head Pilates can help to release this tension and alleviate pain.

  3. Enhanced Relaxation: The gentle, controlled movements of head Pilates can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, making it an excellent practice for both physical and mental well-being.

  4. Increased Strength and Flexibility: Head Pilates exercises target the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders, helping to improve strength and flexibility in these areas.

  5. Improved Concentration: The focus and precision required in head Pilates can help to enhance concentration and mental clarity, making it an excellent practice for overall wellness.

In-Room Experiences

Bring your mind and body into its optimal state for recovery, clarity and healing with one of Head Pilates in-room experiences. Their contemporary and rejuvenating technique was first developed by Kaori Okamoto over 20 years ago, with technicians being a culmination of the brand’s specialised skills, impeccable standards and extensive experience. This personalised experience combines three main elements:

  1. Beone water from Mt Himeji in Japan - a mineral and detoxing water that allows the brain to instantly access the optimum frequency for cell regeneration and healing
  2. Massage techniques to eliminate stress, improve circulation and bring you into alignment
  3. Slow and intentional breathing for deeper relaxation and clarity in the mind.
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The Head Pilates experience can be considered a luxurious treatment for de-stressing and relaxing the body. It is also a ritual for many to train the mind and body to reset quickly during stressful times. By incorporating this experience as part of your routine, you are able to operate at your optimum level to live happier and healthier.

Head Pilates is offered in room for those staying at Intuition Niseko.

For more information on Head Pilates, you can view the attached informative pdf here. For all bookings, please contact our guest services team here.

Blaize Kelly

Blaize Kelly

Blaize is a photographer and content creator from Australia, having worked for our team during the 22/23 winter season. He has an extensive knowledge of the Niseko area, frequently visiting to enjoy the world-famous powder snow.


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