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Best warm-up for skiing and snowboarding

Winter is fast approaching, with snow fall already this September on Mt. Yotei everyone is gearing up for the winter ahead!

You are already anticipating the most amazing powder snow in the world, preparing to book lessons and checking out all the yummy food places Niseko has to offer. One thing that is often neglected in preparation, is your physical condition. We tend to be hopeful that our bodies are able to put up with 4-6 hours on the slopes and get through the holiday without injury.

The truth is that almost all of us suffer muscles aches and pains from enjoying the slope, and some may over exert or even get injured. Putting it simply, the more in shape you are the less likely you will be succumbed to injuries. With some pre-winter preparation, you can clear the concern of injuries and enjoy the best powder snow in the world. Most of the time we see people get injured on the first day of their holiday, often because they don’t take care of pre-season conditioning or have adequate warm up sessions before they hit the slopes.

Shredding doesn't require you to be shredded - but the fitter you are the better

Doing appropriate conditioning exercises in the weeks and months before your holiday will put you in the best possible shape not just stay injury free but to make the absolute most of your trip with minimal aches and pains from over worked muscles.

It’s important to warm up and move your joints, in particular your hips and spine. These parts of your body are critical in facilitating good movement and absorbing force when you are upright and when you are not so upright i.e. having a fall. If they are not up to the task, when you fall, the force tends to go to joints which don’t tend to absorb forces well such as the knee, wrist and shoulder.

A suitable warm up improves circulation, raises the temperature of the muscles, lubricates the joints and will also help to alleviate the effects of yesterday’s session on the slopes. To help you get prepared for the slopes pre-season, check out a few conditioning videos, created by Focus Physio, that you can do in the weeks and months leading up to your trip. Try to do the below exercises at least 3-4 times per week in the lead up to your trip. Click on the links for the videos.

1. Bridging with hip mobility

2. Z-hip mobility

3. Standing knee tuck

4. Lunge with trunk twist and side bend

On top of this, if you want a pre-slope conditioning or a post-slope stretch and release, you can book in for a Massage or Pilates Reformer class. In the unfortunate event of an injury, do come by to see us and you will be in the good hands of our internationally qualified physios.

Exclusively for NISADE guests, enjoy 20% off when you pre-book a Massage, Pilates session or a Physio assessment before 20th November 2019. Quote “NISADE” under additional comments to enjoy the promotion!

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Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

Pimsiri works as our Japan Assistant Marketing Manager and has been part of the team since winter 2018. While she enjoys shredding powder snow, she finds herself slightly more drawn to spending time outdoors during the green season.


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