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2024 Flower Viewing Calendar for Furano Area

Discover the beauty of the flower fields

Hokkaido's Furano area is a popular summer destination known for its colorful flower fields. Located in Kamifurano, Nakafurano, and Biei, it offers panoramic views of the Tokachi Mountains and the Furano Basin. Famous for lavender fields, the area also showcases a variety of colorful flowers blooming throughout the green season, offering visitors different views with each season.

Furano Flower Bloom Calendar

Salvia and petunias have long flowering seasons, and lavender, another popular flower, also blooms for an extended period. Some varieties of lavender bloom later in different locations. Check ahead to see when your preferred flowers will be in bloom.

Flowers in Furano
Flower Blooming Period
Potato Mid-June to early July
Lavender Late June to mid-August
Poppy Early June to late June
Cosmos Late June to mid-July | Late August to late September
Sunflower Mid-August to early September | Mid-October
Lupine Mid-June to mid-July
Salvia Mid-August to mid-October
Marigold Early July to late September
Dahlia Early July to late September
Petunia Late June to late September

Five Recommended Flower Gardens

Shikisai no Oka: Shikisai no Oka (or Hill of Colors) in Biei is a picturesque mosaic of earth, adorned with vast fields and vibrant flowers spread across gentle hills. In this scenic flower garden, visitors can admire the landscape while riding the popular Norokko train, driving a self-operated buggy, or touring in a cart.

Farm Tomita: A must-visit tourist destination known for its lavender fields during summer. Besides lavender fields, it offers lavender ice cream and drinks, along with a variety of soaps and potpourri perfect for souvenirs.

Zerubu Hill: A colorful flower field featuring approximately 30 flower varieties, including sunflowers, poppies, and lavender, blooming from May to October. Don't miss the opportunity to appreciate the floral artistry from the observation platform.

Flowerland Kamifurano: Visitors can enjoy a 15-minute tractor ride while taking in the scenery. This popular spot showcases not only lavender but also changing displays of lupines, marigolds, and other flowers against the backdrop of the Tokachi Mountain Range.

Kanno Farm:
Unlike typical farms, Kanno Farm grows a variety of crops alongside its flowers, offering visitors colorful scenery throughout the summer until harvest. Explore different colored flowers from various potato varieties, alongside corn and gourmet potatoes harvested on-site.

Accommodation for Sightseeing in the Furano Area's Flower Fields

The Furano area features many hotels catering to tourists, particularly in the central area and Furano Kitanomine zone, which are dotted with many hotels. Among them, the relatively new Fenix Furano and its sister hotel Fenix West, Furano's first luxury condominium hotel, are popular year-round. Offering a variety of room types, from hotel rooms to three-bedroom penthouses with panoramic views of Furano.

Moreover, the hotel is conveniently located a 30-minute drive from the flower gardens mentioned earlier, making it an ideal base for exploring the flower gardens.

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