Cherry picking

Guide to Summer Fruit Picking Seasons in the Niseko Region

Fruit Picking Experience

During Niseko's five-month green season from Mid-May to Mid-October, fruit picking thrives in its suburban areas, renowned for producing a wide array of fruits and vegetables. Niki Town in Yoichi County, just an hour's drive from Niseko, stands out as a fruit kingdom, offering strawberries, cherries, grapes, and more. Along the national highway, roadside stands offer freshly harvested produce at attractive prices. Many places provide local delivery, making it easy to share these delights with friends.

Numerous orchards also welcome visitors for a fee, offering various fruit-picking experiences, from all-you-can-eat options to picking by weight.

Cherry picking


Fruits Time
Strawberries Mid-May to late June
Cherries Late June to early August
Blueberries Late July to mid-August
Plums Early August to early September
Grapes Late August to mid-October
Plunes Late August to early October
Apples Mid-September to late October
Pears Early October to mid-October

In June, Niki Town hosts the Cherry Festival to celebrate its specialty cherries, featuring events like cherry seed-spitting contests, cherry sales of local varieties, and a cherry exhibition. Later in September, the Niki Fruit & Wine Marathon invites participants to enjoy local fruits and wines amidst the scenic backdrop of Niki Town.

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Niki Town, a small community of around 3,000 residents, sits between Niseko and Otaru City, approximately an hour's drive from Niseko. Nearby Yoichi Town is renowned for Nikka Whisky and wineries, offering a complementary visit experience.

Niseko offers diverse accommodation options ranging from budget hotels and vacation rentals to luxurious condominium hotels. It serves as an ideal hub for exploring the surrounding towns' attractions, activities, and festivals during the summer season.

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