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Niseko at Night

Although the town is renowned for its daytime activities, the hustle and bustle persist long after the clock strikes 4. Niseko possesses a vibrant spirit that comes to life under the cover of night. While this is the case all year round, it’s even more special these days with night skiing now in full swing!

Known for its pristine powder snow and world-class ski resorts, Niseko takes on a whole new persona after sunset. Join us on a journey into the enchanting world of Niseko at night, where the slopes come alive under the soft glow of moonlight.

Come along and join the nighttime escapades in Niseko!

Night Skiing

As of this week, Niseko United has opened the gates for skiing after dark. While there are benefits to rising with the sun for those morning laps, night skiing offers a different array of benefits to gearing up after dark. We are lucky in the heart of Hokkaido to get a steady flow of snow, so there is no saying you can’t get some epic fresh turns in the later hours of the day! The illuminated trails guide skiers and snowboarders through a winter wonderland, providing a completely different perspective on the slopes.

Après Skiing…with Nightlife in Niseko

Check out our previous blog about the best bars in Niseko! There is nothing better than going from the lifts after an epic day of riding straight to the bar for a fresh Sapporo…or drink of your choice. Niseko United is the premier ski resort in Japan, known for its breathtaking natural scenery, powder snow, and fantastic après-ski scene. As night falls, the town of Grand Hirafu comes alive with a diverse range of bars and restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets.


For a different après ski-vibe, visiting an onsen might be the rest and relation you’re looking for. The perfect way to soak your muscles after a big day shredding the slopes. Our beloved The Vale Niseko has an onsen with last entry at 21:00, which times out perfectly with last chair of night skiing at 19:00. Indulging in this cherished Japanese gem, is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate for another exhilarating day on the slopes.

Food Trucks

Niseko is becoming known for its street eats…as new food trucks seem to pop up every day. A few years ago, it started with only a handful of street vendors, which has now blossomed into a wide array of offerings. Presenting an internationally inspired menu, from Indian, Japanese, to Italian, you’ll surely find whatever you’re looking for to and from the slopes.

At night when the streets grow dark, the numerous food trucks covered in lights, seem to come alive. There is a certain vibe that cannot be tangible or translated, but rather experienced when you get there.

Niseko at night is a revelation - a secret world waiting to be discovered by those who appreciate the magic of winter. The slopes transform into a playground of excitement, where the thrill of skiing mingles with the serenity of a snow-covered landscape under the lights and moon. It's a winter adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving visitors with memories of Niseko's nocturnal enchantment that lasts a lifetime. So, gear up, embrace the chill, and let the night unfold its snowy wonders in this captivating corner of Hokkaido.

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