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Niseko Hirafu's Top 10 Restaurants for Dinner

Experience the best restaurants Grand Hirafu has to offer

Choosing where to eat while on vacation can be a daunting task, especially if you only have a limited amount of evenings to fill. Hirafu Village is not exception - and hosts the most bars and restaurants of any ski resort in Japan. So why not ask the experts what their recommendations are?

In this article we have laid out our top 10 dining experiences in Grand Hirafu. The best part is they are all within walking distance of the Hirafu main intersection, so are easy to access!

Please note - the order of this list is alphabetical - we'll leave the ranking to you!


This hidden gem offers excellent, local Hokkaido ingredients with a relaxed atmosphere. Akaru is run by husband and wife, serving handmade seasonal hot pot and a la carte dishes with local sake and wine.

The creative dishes and crisp fresh ingredients make this a popular option for many international guests. The restaurant also displays works by local artists, giving you a full-sensory experience.

Niseko Akaru 7


Handmade Japanese food with fresh local produced ingredients.

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The Alpinist

This first-class establishment will teleport you into the heart of the Alps with the first bite. The Alpinist specialises in typical, alpine French cuisine, with views of the Grand Hirafu village and Mt. Niseko-Annupuri.

The raclette and fondue cheeses are directly imported from France and Switzerland, giving the most authentic taste from halfway across the world. Quality taste, fresh products and impeccable service all within a charming space embellished by typical alpine décor.

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The Alpinist

Quality taste, fresh products, impeccable service all within a charming space embellished by typical French, alpine décor

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The Barn by Odin

Set in a stunning building inspired by traditional Hokkaido farm architecture, The Barn offers a unique dining experience with Bistro style cuisine and warm hospitality. A selection of the best local ingredients will warm your body and soul.

The drinks menu has been carefully curated to match the food menu, with options from France, New Zealand, Australia and more. The ambience will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Niseko The Barn By Odin1

The Barn by Odin

The refined twist of Niseko cuisine with a motif of Hokkaido farmer's barn.

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A 15-year-long quest for the ultimate steak eventually culminated into HakuSteak. This premium steak house delivers an exquisite slab of A4 wagyu, filled with creamy marbling and packed with umami flavour. This is by far the best steak Niseko has to offer.

HakuSteak is a celebration of the seasons of Hokkaido and its rich tapestry of culture and environment.

Niseko Haku Steak House 4

Haku Steak House

This premium steak house presents the finest steak experience in all of Niseko.

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Cuisine that freely fuses the essence of Japanese and Western styles, Kamimura brings you the absolute best of Hokkaido produce. Enjoy your dining experience while the chef delights you with a beautifully crafted selection of local ingredients.

Chef Kamimura gained a distinguished reputation at the world renowned Tetsuya's restaurant in Sydney, before returning to Japan. A first-class experience with an array of flavours certain to excite your tastebuds.

Niseko Kamimura 8

Niseko Kamimura

A Michelin-starred contemporary Japanese-French cuisine restaurant.

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Kitchen Niseko

‘Kitchen’ by Kamimura is a modern dining restaurant that offers contemporary Japanese classics with a Western twist. Kitchen maintains the same quality of food as its sister restaurant KAMIMURA, with a more relaxed dining experience at an affordable price.

Also serving a wide selection of wines, sake, whiskey, beer and cocktails, Kitchen also doubles as a luxurious lounge bar that you can stop by for a casual drink.

Niseko Kitchen 9

kitchen NISEKO

The contemporary dining lounge with the best value presented by Chef Kamimura.

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Niseko Naniwatei

Located in Intuition Niseko, Naniwatei brings sixty years of experience to the Grand Hirafu area. An authentic, Japanese fine dining restaurant that aims to introduce visitors to the beauties of Hokkaido cuisine. All dishes are a blend of fresh, local produce with traditional Japanese cooking practices, bringing out the natural flavours of each ingredient.

Accompany your meal with a fine selection of craft beer, sake or wine to enjoy an elaborate culinary journey.

Naniwatei english03

Niseko Naniwatei

Japanese fine dining experience with locally sourced food in Niseko

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Roketto ロケット

Located in The Maples Niseko, Roketto's secret "Omakase" dinner is a one-of-a-kind experience in Niseko. Reserved for only 10 people per evening, Chef Willin Low creates an intimate, sensory-appealing environment for guests to enjoy a fusion of modern Singaporean flavours and seasonal produce.

Roketto is also a is a casual lunch noodle bar, with meals inspired by variety of Singaporean flavours. With ski in and ski out access and a view overlooking the base of Grand Hirafu's "Family Run", it makes for an excellent place to stop for a meal throughout a day on the slopes.

20230302 TMN Roketto 22

Roketto ロケット

Modern Singaporean flavours in Niseko using seasonal and fresh Japanese ingredients. Ski in and out access at The Maples Niseko.

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Sushi Kato

With over 55 years of experience, 'Chef Kato' the crab specialist created an equally delicious and memorable experience for diners. This restaurant promises the ultimate ocean-to-table Japanese experience. Hand selected seafood is chosen from the markets each day, including sea urchin, hairy crab, enormous scallops and more.

Centred around a six-seat sushi counter, guests are captivated by the skill of the chef's with the ancient art of sushi making. An extensive selection of drinks makes this the finest sushi experience in Grand Hirafu.

Niseko Sushi Kato6

Sushi Kato

Serving authentic taste in a luxurious but relaxing sushi place.

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As Niseko becomes more popular as an international winter holiday destination, restaurants are becoming increasingly busy each year. During peak season (mid-December to late February), confirming a booking is extremely difficult without at least a week's notice. It is becoming evermore important to book before you arrive to ensure you can enjoy some of the best food Niseko has to offer.

Book a stay at one of our hotels and let our friendly in-house concierge teams assist you with your bookings.

Check out our full restaurant and bar guide for all our recommended options across Niseko, Furano and Rusutsu!

Blaize Kelly

Blaize Kelly

Blaize is a photographer and content creator from Australia, having worked for our team during the 22/23 winter season. He has an extensive knowledge of the Niseko area, frequently visiting to enjoy the world-famous powder snow.


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