Spring Farming Begins Farm with Mt Yotei

The Story of Kutchan’s Potato - The Potato Legacy and Farming Begins!

Many may not realize that the renowned Niseko Grand Hirafu and Niseko Hanazono Ski Resorts are actually nestled within Kutchan town. Often referred to simply as Niseko, this area is much more than just a winter wonderland.

While Kutchan may not be the first name that comes to mind when talking about winter ski resorts, it earns its acclaim in the summer months for its remarkable potato cultivation. What it lacks in winter recognition, Kutchan makes up for it with its booming potato scene. Loved by locals for ages, Kutchan's potato reputation is now making waves internationally.

In Kutchan, the cool climate, significant temperature shifts, abundant water, and snow-enriched soil make for ideal potato-growing conditions. That's why the potatoes here are so sweet and packed with flavor!

Spring Farming Begins Farm with Mt Yotei

As the snow melts away in spring, signaling the start of farming season, marking the moment when potatoes take root and start to flourish. Throughout April and May, farmers are busy preparing the fields and planting potatoes. Soon enough, the brown fields will give way to lush greenery, with potatoes getting ready to make their debut for everyone in town.

When you drive into Kutchan town, you're greeted by the cheerful sight of ‘Jagata-kun’, the potato boy, wearinging a beanie shaped like Mt. Yotei and gliding on skis. This quirky character serves as a friendly reminder of all the wonderful things Kutchan has to offer – from its renowned ski resorts and majestic Mt. Yotei to its flavorful potatoes.

As you wander around town, you'll come across more signs, posters, and souvenirs featuring ‘Jagata-kun’, alongside his sister (or perhaps his girlfriend), ‘Jagako-chan’, a potato girl on a snowboard. Some fans even getting tattoos of them! It's clear who runs the show in Kutchan – the potatoes! If you want to see them in action, your best shot is at the local festivals.

This is just the start of Kutchan's potato journey. Stay tuned for more stories about the dreamy potato flower fields, the potato festival, and the Kutchan 540 potato.

Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

Pimsiri Kanjanakaroon

Pimsiri works as our Japan Assistant Marketing Manager and has been part of the team since winter 2018. While she enjoys shredding powder snow, she finds herself slightly more drawn to spending time outdoors during the green season.


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